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Qi Gong

Qi gong, one of the oldest continuously practiced healing systems in the world, is based on an understanding of the flow of vital energy. The Chinese call this energy qi and have mapped its flow through our bodies along specific pathways, called meridians. When our qi is full and flowing we experience health. When our qi is congested, blocked or out-of-balance pain and illness can occur.

Qi gong is a system of exercises that stimulate the meridians, internal organs allowing the qi to flow and restore healing energy to the body. An imbalance or blockage in our qi, can occur from poor diet, exposure to harmful elements, injury, emotional factors, and even over working. Practicing qi gong exercises can start to correct these imbalances. These symptoms left uncorrected will turn into chronic pain, illness and/or diseases. Qi gong is a way to help the body in maintaining balance and overall health.

Qi gong exercises properly practiced can:

  • Improve physical strength, energy and stamina

  • Help to relieve pain, illness and physical problems

  • Maintain and improve physical fitness, mental well-being, overall good health and increased longevity

The body knows what it needs to heal and the smooth flow of qi in the body works to maintain health. Qi gong differers from Western medicine in that it helps heal the body without medications or more chemicals. However when Western medicine is needed qi gong is an excellent complement. Qi gong can also help to reduce, if not eliminate, side effects of certain medicines and treatments.

Sandy studies qi gong with Master Ou, a world renowned Grandmaster of Qi gong, an author, poet, musician and calligrapher.

“On a personal note, as a regular practitioner of qi gong I have seen some remarkable changes. My energy level and stamina have increased. My allergy symptoms have lessened to a remarkable degree I have experienced a profound sense of calmness.”

Since implementing medical qi gong in my practice I have witnessed some remarkable changes:

  • Anxiety and panic attacks subsided after qi gong practice
  • Increased fertility in previously infertile women
  • Positive shifts with PTSD and depression in an age when anti-depressant are prescribed quite readily
  • Positive shifts with a patient who is in the beginning stages of Parkinson’s